The regular CIG deadline has already passed and reviewing is underway, but you have not yet missed your chance to submit a paper to CIG 2017! The late paper deadline is

May 15, 2017

Three types of papers can be submitted by this deadline:

Short papers (2-4 pages)

Short papers describe work in progress, smaller projects that are not yet ready to be published as a full paper, or new progress on projects that have been reported elsewhere. Any topic related to AI and games is welcome.


Competition papers (up to 8 pages)

CIG has a long list of game-based AI competitions, allowing benchmarking of AI methods on an unprecedented range of games:

Competition papers describe research related to one of the competitions at CIG, including the design of new competitions and in particular submissions to existing competitions. It is possible to participate in competitions without submitting papers, but it is encouraged to submit a paper on your competition entry.


Vision papers (up to 8 pages)

Vision papers describe a vision for the future of the CIG field or some part of it, are based on extensive research, and include a comprehensive bibliography.


All submitted papers will be fully peer-reviewed, and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings and on IEEE Xplore. Short papers will be allocated poster presentations and short oral presentations if time and space permits; vision papers will be allocated regular oral presentation slots; competition papers will be allocated short or regular oral presentation. Reviewing standards for competition papers are as high as for regular CIG papers, and standards for vision papers are higher.

CfP Game

If you like games, AI, and writing papers (you presumably do if you’ve read this far) you should play Kate Compton’s Call for Papers Game “Revisions”, which is the official Call for Papers Game of CIG 2017.

Organizing Committee

General Chairs: Julian Togelius and Andy Nealen

Program Chairs: Clare Bates Congdon and Michael Buro

Publicity and Media Chairs: Kate Compton and Mike Cook

Tutorials Chair: Noor Shaker

Competitions Chair: Ruck Thawonmas

Local Chair: Aaron Isaksen

Remote Participation Policy

If visa restrictions or other political events prevent you from traveling to the US, you can participate remotely, including presenting your paper. Every accepted paper must be presented by a paying conference attendee, preferably in person but remotely for those unable to attend for visa or political events.