About Brooklyn/Metrotech

A lot has changed in Brooklyn in the past few years, so you might not recognize it anymore if you haven’t visited in a while.  Metrotech is very accessible by taxi and subway.  We do not recommend that you rent a car, as parking is difficult and you won’t need a car here.

Subway Information

NYU’s Brooklyn/Metrotech campus is easily accessible by subway (PDF).  The Jay St – MetroTech subway is the closest station (1 block away), and has the A, C, F and R lines.  Borough Hall station is a 7 minute walk and has 2,3,4,5 lines, and DeKalb Av is a 4 minute walk to B, Q, and R lines.

Subway currently costs $2.75 per ride, with a 1 week unlimited pass costing $32.  (fare information)

Taxi and Ride Share

Taxis have become much more plentiful in the past couple of years in Brooklyn due to the introduction of the green taxis.  You can take a green taxi or a yellow taxi from Brooklyn to anywhere in NYC.  Its especially easy to pickup a taxi on Flatbush Ave northbound side, just a 2 min walk away, as many cabs use that street to return to Manhattan.

Travel By Air

There are three major airports near to NYU’s Brooklyn/Metrotech campus: Newark (EWR), LaGuardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy (JFK). All airports have good public transport links, but we recommend the following ways to get between the airports and the city:

From JFK: the fastest and cheapest way to NYU’s Brooklyn/Metrotech campus is via the subway (A Train). More info online here.

From Newark/LaGuardia: the best travel option is via taxi – Lyft is also available if many people are sharing. Taxis are slightly more expensive, but are more plentiful. Support NYC’s taxi drivers if you can!